Implementing a leadership system is an intentional and valuable step in developing your program and the people in it. Systems help coaches who struggle to naturally be intentional about developing and passing on leadership responsibilities. Still, before you can effectively implement one of these systems, a few things need to be in place, or it will be unsuccessful.

Harvard Business School researcher Michael Beer  proposes some key elements, which are necessary for our system and culture:

1.Psychological safety is critical before the implementation of leadership programs. This aligns with one of the three key elements of a great culture in Daniel Coyle’s book, Culture Code.

2. Leadership training is most effective when it begins with the head coach and assistant coaches (or “senior leaders”). So, if you want to implement a leadership program for your team, then your best chance of success will be when coaches are invested in the program!

3. As coaches (“senior leaders”) are being educated, they must embrace change within the system. As Beer says, “If the system does not change, it will not support and sustain individual behavior change—indeed, it will set people up to fail.” We need to take a fresh look at the way we instruct, teach, and lead before we raise our expectations of others.

4. Team members must feel comfortable and encouraged to confront senior leaders with “uncomfortable truths” or problems. Failure to change an organization starts at the top—I know this from experience. Too often, I was busy trying to change others instead of growing as a person myself.

Start by grading your culture on the four essentials and ask your team members to grade the culture on those four criteria, as well. Where you start to see common issues and poor grades, take action as the leader to improve in these areas.

The Captain’s Council Leadership System Training Course

Implementing and effectively running the Captain’s Council within your team is a powerful way to not only develop leaders, but to increase the chances everyone in your program feels seen, known, and cared for.

The training will help you to with the following process:

  1. Selecting Captains
  2. Empowering Captains
  3. System Execution

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