10 Ways to Determine Playing Time

Coaches are faced with many conflicting feelings, desires, and challenges: You want to win; you want everyone to enjoy their experience; you want to reward the hardest workers. To top it all off, you want to do all these things while keeping your job and avoiding...

Six Simple Ways to Improve Your Athletes Sleep

The Cost of Wakefulness In 2003, researchers from Penn and Harvard Medical Schools wanted to see if people could avoid the “recommended” amount of sleep without suffering serious negative consequences. Over a two-week period, the researchers studied four groups of...

How to Never Have a Bad Practice

The Guaranteed Routine to a Good Practice I’d spent about 10 hours preparing for practice. I’d watched film of previous practices, scouted film of our next opponents, and met with my assistants regarding what we should do during the next practice. Every minute was...

How One Coach Built the Most Competitive College Program Ever

It’s Not a Championship; It’s an Anniversary Anson Dorrance’s North Carolina Women’s Soccer Team had just won seven championships in a row and would go on to win 2 more, when a full page ad of the team was published hoisting the trophy would feature the caption, “It’s...

6 Steps to a Transformational Culture

Part 3: Leadership and Character Development 3 Minute Read or Listen Part 1: 4 Keys to Curriculum Part 2: 4 Culture Essentials “If the system does not change, it will set people up to fail.” Michael Beer If you have read my previous two articles then you understand...