The Simplest Way to Check If Your Players Understand Their Roles

This college coach prided himself on communication. He was working to be transparent around playing time and roles this season. He was determined to lean into the hard conversations that he had avoided for so long. So, he implemented biweekly conversations with his...

Four Steps to Take Control of Your Anger

The Quickest Way to Drop 20 IQ Points Inside the lower part of your brain, located in the limbic system, is a little almond-sized thing called your “amygdala”. We’ve all got one, and it is one of the most significant parts of every human body. Research has shown that...

5 Ways to Stop Giving Bad Feedback

The Growth Mindset Research People Forget In 1998, Carol Dweck, a Stanford research psychologist and the author of the book Mindset, took over 400 fifth-grade students across the country and gave them all of them a very easy IQ test. After the test, she split the...

How to Stop Getting Angry as a Coach

Unwilling to Change My high school basketball coach’s temper was legendary. He would pull players out of the game when they made a mistake, and then rip into them right in front of a packed gym. But, even more legendary to his players were the verbal barrages he would...

3 Simple Ways to Give Great Feedback

Radical Transparency “You sometimes say or do things to players which makes them feel incompetent, unnecessary, humiliated, overwhelmed, belittled, pressed, or otherwise bad. If you don’t start coaching people well, growth will be stunted, and the team will be...