1. It will challenge you to face your struggles and think deeper.

“As a coach, this is exactly what I needed this off-season! I was trying to find what was next in continuing to develop as a coach and continuing to grow my program. J.P. Nerbun nailed it here! It’s real, it’s challenging, and it will make you think! Great stuff!”

—Nathan Emerick, High School Volleyball Coach and Founder of the Transformational Coaches Community

“This book will challenge all coaches to face their own struggles. It is a fantastic resource for coaches who want to transform through an inside-out process and build that same type of culture with their team.”

—Jon Barth, Author of The Ride Home and The 1% Journal

2. It provides a great argument for the importance of intentionally integrating sports and character development.

“It is an excellent work and very entertaining. You did a wonderful job of beautifully integrating excellence and virtue into the story of Daniel. I hope and pray that many coaches, parents, and athletes will learn that the secret to realizing their true potential and achieving peak performance can only be found in developing the whole person: body, mind, and soul.”

—Bill Thierfelder, President of Belmont Abbey, Sports Psychologist and Author of Less Than a Minute to Go

3. It’s full of powerful lessons.

“I will read your book again because there are bound to be more takeaways each time I read it.”

—Donna Ferguson, Athletic Director at Weir High School

4. It’s a must-read for every coach looking to grow.

“I can’t put it down. A must-read for all coaches and leaders wanting to deal with the baggage we all carry and transform ourselves to be the coach and leader our teams deserve, to break the cycle of passing on transactional beliefs, attitudes and behaviors!”

—Stan Peters, ACAC Hall of Fame Basketball Coach and CEO & Founder of Humble Strong

“A must-read for all leaders!”

—Naomi Stohlmann, CEO and Founder of Stohlmann Consulting Services

5. It provides valuable tools to grow as a coach and build your culture.

“It is a great read. Really provides tools to help you mold yourself and the culture you desire for your program. I have recommended it to several other coaches already and would encourage others to add it to their library if they haven’t!”

—Emily Powell, High School Basketball and Golf Coach

6. It’s entertaining.

“The way the book is delivered is brilliant, and I think if other coaches and academics took this approach of informing through engaging stories, then more people would buy in. I genuinely can’t wait to read it again and have photographed so many pages and comments from it. One of the best books I’ve ever read. Entertained, informed, factual, yet emotionally-charged.”

—Adam Haniver, English Boxing Coach

7. It’s a great book to read as a coaching staff.

“I would highly recommend it. It takes pieces from a lot of different places and puts it into one book. I liked it so much, I bought it for our staff as our spring reading. I can’t wait to discuss it at our summer retreat.”

—John Carrier, High School Basketball Coach

8. It’s relatable for every coach.

“I quickly became engaged in the book and have experienced these same instances in my past coaching experiences. J.P. did an amazing job encouraging us to challenge ourselves to think deeper and highlighting important issues that I know a lot of coaches face today. I highly recommend this book! It’s a perfect read for coaches but also great for anyone trying to better yourself!”

—Jill Webb, Assistant GM of the Visalia Rawhide Minor League Basketball Team

9. Sports parents will find value in the pages.

“All I can say is wow! It would be hard to explain just how close to home this book hits! I’m passing the book on today to a dear friend, who is in a turning point in his coaching career. I truly feel your book is the guidance that he needs/is looking for.”

—Denise Valley Williamson, Sports Mother

10. It’s inspirational.

“For parents, coaches, athletic directors, business leaders, and even student-athletes who need some inspiration, this is a must-read.”

—Jim Conway, President of Collegiate Profiles

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